Garage Construction - To Every House it´s Own Garage!

Different weather conditions have a negative impact on vehicles and may create additional cost in the form of car servicing. During summers a garages protects a car from the sun and during winter having a garage saves you from digging your car out of the snow. It can also be a special place for a man to work.

Another positive aspect of a garage is to keep your car safe from thieves, or to carry out maintenance on your car whether it’s 30 or negative 30 outside!

To every house it´s own garage!

We personally think that a garage should be part of every home, even if the owner isn’t much of a car fan. It should be done as the house is being built. Constructing it later can be difficult due to a lack of room and crowding from other buildings. These small mistakes can happen due to a lack of planning.

Personal garage to your home!

If you have a vision for your garage, come and consult with our designer and we will realise yout idea.

Prefabricated garages

We also offer prefabricated garages and installation services via our internet shop. This solution is simple, comfortable and fast.


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