About us

Our Company

ToughWood symbolises high quality and durable wooden production. We are committed to offering quality construction and installation of wooden houses and frames. You will also find other interesting works in our product range related to timber.

Our dedicated teams and management are all qualified professionals who are passionate about timber with countless years of experience.

Our personnel are experienced in the manufacturing and construction of garden houses, wooden frameworks, log cabins and installing modular and element houses. Our qualified carpenters are skilled in woodworking and the manufacturing of furniture. Our civil engineers engage in the design and management of projects on a daily basis.

How we work

Creating homes can never be just a business; it’s necessary to build with care and attention. Only a team with vast experience, who roll up their sleeves, is capable of creating buildings that every family could call home. Due to this very reason we emphasise the traits of competency, motivation and resourcefulness, enabling our team to solve even the most multifaceted and difficult of challenges when building homes.