Going to the sauna is time-honoured Nordic tradition for a long time. Nowadays, it still serves many purposes from the medicinal to simple relaxation. It’s a great place to clean your body and mind!

For starters, you need to decide what kind of sauna and where you wish to create. It can be built either inside a house or as an extension and the most popular saunas are Finnish saunas, steam baths, smoke and infra-red saunas, also salt baths. In order to choose the type of sauna it is necessary to familiarise yourself with how it works, and how often you will use it. You should also consider requirements associated with your chosen sauna type.

Without proper knowledge and experience, we emphasise that you should not construct a sauna on your own. Due to sudden large temperature and humidity changes, a poorly built sauna can be dangerous for the whole building. Heaters have very high temperatures while in use and when they are improperly built or installed, they can be a direct danger to the building.

Choosing a sauna and it’s location contact with our specialists, that has long-term experiences in building different types of saunas.

In our product catalog we also have wooden hot tubs and bathing tubs for gardens.


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