Timber Staircases

Timber Staircases

Outdoor staircases

The staircase, when carefully designed and built, adds dignity and charm to your home. It starts with properly built outdoor steps that can endure changes in climate and provides a secure entryway to the building.

To construct a decent and lasting stairway you need to take into account it’s position, prepare the soil and build a supportive base if needed. It is also important to hydro insulate wooden parts of stairs to protect it from weathering.

Indoor staircases

Internal stairs made of quality wood are part of a house’s interior and offer comfortable travel from one floor to the next. It is important to decide on a staircase based on the layout of the building, the space available, room interior, how often they will be used and safety.

If you are interested in building a staircase, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We are more than happy to help you with choosing the right design and installing it into your home.

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