Wood Flooring and Parquetry

Wood Flooring and Parquetry

Our company engages in the installation of timber flooring and also installing various parquet floorings.

Contrary to various forms of tile and stone flooring, timber and parquet is always warm and cosy. In the case of a cold house, warming up timber takes much less time than stone and concrete floors.

When choosing your desired floor it is necessary to consider the indoor climate and design. It is also important to think about the wear and tear the floor is likely to experience.

The prices and quality of timber flooring vary from one material to another, but a cheap option isn’t always the most favourable solution.

Wood flooring

The main stumbling block for timber flooring is dampness. The humidity content of a living tree is over 30% (sometimes over 100%), and of dried wood is 10-20%. In order to reduce the occurring of cracks, it is important that while building a floor the humidity content would equal the climate of the room.

To construct a quality floor, contact our carpenters who have long-term experience in building wooden floors.

Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is very well known and popular all over Europe. Due to the very same reason, the offered selection of parquets and modes of installation is very wide. From our competent handymen with the necessary knowledge and experience you will get a swift and quality parquet floor!

Restoration of wooden floors

While renovating an old house, there is often a need to give new life to the floor by restoring the old one. A restored floor full of history gives out a solid feeling and, when properly done, can last for generations.

Material and construction

Our experts can guide you through the process from selection and design to installation and finishing. We offer floor boards, parquets and wood flooring installation.

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